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Online Casino Evaluation

 As you already know, this website is dedicated to showing people the best new online casinos, but folks often ask how we evaluate the new online casinos, before we list them on our gambling website. And I am glad to tell you - rest assure, we go through a vigorous process of ensuring the online casinos listed on our site are 100% safe and secure, not to mention honest and with great payouts. There are literally hundreds of online casinos being created every year and weeding through all of them is hard, but we stick to a few basic principles in determining which casinos are worthy of being listed here and which did not make the cut.

 Some of those principles include:

- is the online casino run by a respected gambling company? If the new online casino we are looking into is not backed-up by a company respected in the internet gambling business, we cease any further review of the casino and move on down on our list. If there is no good backup, there is no real assurance that players will be paid their winnings and their information will remain private.

 - actual play at the online casino. Not all websites go through the treacherous process of actually analyzing every aspect, including playing at the given online casino. Yes, this may surprise you, but a lot of gambling review websites don't even play at the online casinos - they do it to sell advertisements. We, on the other side, make sure we play at the online casino to ensure the games are actually fun and on par, see how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money from the casino and even check out the customer service by asking a series of serious and some stupid questions, as well.

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